Spicy pecans & almonds$5
Marinated cerignola olives with candied lemon$5
Iberico chorizo, vegetables giardiniera
Cheddar & bacon gougères$7 / 6
Goat cheese with herbs & spicy red peppers$7

Green beans, truffle oil & roasted almonds$8
Root vegetables, sherry, parmesan$8
Port-steeped cheddar grilled cheese$8 / 4
Russian-style Gravlax$14
Fried cod brandade, spicy mayo$12 / 6
Fried calamari & onion, salsa verde mayo$8
Venison tartare & homemade chips$13
Mini bison burgers, matchstick fries$8 / 2
Crispy braised lamb, onion cream$12 / 4

Oysters on the half shell$34/12
Argentinian pink shrimp$18/6
Tuna tataki, tonnato sauce, zucchini
Braised octopus, tomato sauce, lentils$14
Crispy mushroom tart, spinach, soft boiled egg
Saffron arancini, yogurt, gremolata$9 / 4
Boned quail, piri-piri, vegetable caramel
$13 / 4
Cavatelli, boar bolognese, pine nuts, ricotta salata
Beef hanger steak, fingerlings, red wine butter$16
Foie gras au torchon, brioche, chutney$18

100 g.$18

Chocolate truffles$7 / 4
Cinnamon churros, chocolate sauce$7 / 8
Cake, citrus curd, honey
$8 / 2
Apples, almond & spice crumble, crème fraîche$8
Torta caprese, salted caramel